A hundred aikidoka from a dozen countries attended the seminar with Inagaki shihan

More than one hundred aikidoka from a dozen countries traveled to Gothenburg to attend the seminar with Shigemi Inagaki shihan, 8 dan, in june. Gothenburg Aikido Club was especially happy that Inagaki senseis wife Hinako also came and attended the party.

Gothenburg Aikido Club has a long relation to Inagaki sensei. Ulf Evenås met Inagaki sensei in Iwama in 1973 – 40 years ago – and several members of the Gothenburg Aikido Club has since then felt Inagaki senseis generosity on trips to Iwama and the Ibaraki Shibu Dōjō.

Inagaki sensei was awarded 8 danAikidos highest grade – by Dōshu Moriteru Ueshiba at Kagami-biraki in January. Gothenburg Aikido Club and Ulf Evenås took the opportunity to congratulate Inagaki sensei during the seminar.

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All photos: copyright Gothenburg Aikido Club and Jöran Fagerlund.