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Aikidokas from Gothenburg went to Georgia

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Lars Hynsjö, 2 dan and Barbro Hälinen, 1 kyu, from the Gothenburg Aikidoclub went to Georgia to participate at Shihan Ulf Evenås seminar in Burkariani. Barbro Hälinen is sharing her experience with us.


Barbro Hälinen, Anna Kirillova from Russia and Lars Hynsjö between keiko.


I have been practicing aikido for 5,5 years and have been to several seminars both in Sweden and abroad. This time I had the opportunity to accompany Ulf Evenås Sensei to Burkariani, Georgia. People had come from Russia, Ukraine and Georgia to practice together for 4 days. I met old friends and also made many new ones.  Going to seminars makes me realize that the Aikido family is very warm and welcoming even though we may not speak the same language we all practice together and have a good time. We also had time for skiing during the seminar and enjoying Georgia before going back to Sweden.

Barbro Hälinen