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Friendship Seminar in Gothenburg 2014

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We invite you to a friendshipseminar with three friends from Takemusu Aikido Dortmund e.V. and Takemusu Aikido Altena. They are with 27 years in aikido well experienced in both technic and spirit
Olaf Dau , Rudolf Preuss  and Martin Werner started with their Aikido 1985 and 1986 in Dortmund.
1995 they opend new Dojos in Dortmund and Altena. All over the time they joined seminars from Morihiro Sait…o Sensei in Europe. They have been Uchi Deshis and participants on different seminars in Gothenbourg since 1996.
2003 to 2013 Rudolf Preuss was a member of the presidency of Bundesverband Takemusu Aikido Germany.
2013 Rudolf Preuss, Olaf Dau and Martin Werner helped to found Takemusu Aikido Assoziation Germany


Location: Göteborgs Aikidoklubb, Dr Westrings gata 14d
Fees: Adults 350 SEK (40€)
Enrolement: aikidogak@gmail.com or +46 730 444 810  (0730444810)
Please register by 2014 Mars 16 The number of participants are limited
Accomodation: In the dojo (free)