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Gothenburg International Kangeiko 2018, January 4–7

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January 4–7, 2018

Ulf Evenås Shihan, 7th dan Aikikai

In 2018 Ulf Evenås will have his 50–year anniversary in Aikido, including 49 years of Iwama Takemusu Aikido and 29 years as a close student of Morihiro Saito Shihan. He received 7th dan and was appointed Shihan (Takemusu Aikido) directly from Morihiro Saito Shihan, who also appointed Ulf-sensei as his personal representative. He also has a full teaching certification in Bukiwaza, the  fifth level of the Mokuroku (transmission scrolls).

Ulf-sensei is the head instructor of the Gothenburg Aikido Club, and one of the most qualified, and experienced, Aikido teachers in the world. The International Aikido Federation (IAF) uses Ulf Evenås as their representing Shihan, technical coordinator and demonstrator in major events such as IAF:s Congress and World Combat Games. Ulf-sensei has been teaching 800 seminars in 25 countries worldwide.

Download the full program in PDF

After the Seminar, there will be an Uchi-deshi week 8–12 of January