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Gothenburg International Shochugeiko 2018, July 2-7 and July 9-13

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Gothenburg Aikido Club has a long tradition of organizing both midsummer and midwinter training, shochugeiko and kangeiko – training at the warmest, and coldest, time of the year. For more than 20 years aikidoka from all over the world has been coming to study under the supervision of Ulf Evenås Shihan. Ulf Sensei has been teaching traditional Aikido – taijutsu, ken and jo – as he learned it directly from Morihiro Saito Shihan, as a close student for 29 years.

This year Ulf-sensei celebrates his 50th year in Aikido, and for this reason there will be extra celebrations. There will be two weeks of keiko, with many invited top teachers in Takemusu Aikido.

THE FIRST WEEK (July 2–7) Ulf-sensei, assisted by Dan Borg-sensei, will teach for six days. We are especially honored to have Shihan Paolo Corallini, 7 dan, who will teach together with Ulf-sensei on Friday and Saturday.

THE SECOND WEEK (July 9–13), Ulf-sensei together with three of his top instructors in Gothenburg Aikido Club, headed by Dan Borg-sensei, and three specially invited teachers, will teach for five days.

Practicing Takemusu Aikido gives you a foundation and insight into the fundamentals of Aikido. Regardless of your style and rank, this event is an opportunity to learn Takemusu Aikido, as taught by Morihiro Saito Shihan, from top teachers. You will train together with, and receive support from, highly qualified Aikidoka both from Gothenburg Aikido Club and from all over the world. We will train at Frölunda Judo Club with 360 square meters of tatami, a fully equipped kitchen, and outdoor practice of ken and jo. From the dojo it’s walking distance to one of the best beaches in the Gothenburg area, it’s close to a shopping center, and the public transportation to the central part of the city is excellent. You can stay in– or outside of the dojo.

Gothenburg Aikido Club & Ulf Evenås

WEEK 1 (July 2–7)

Schedule: Four classes a day.

Welcome party after the last class Monday.

Celebration party on Saturday. The participants cook something from their home country.

Fee: SEK 1.100 (€120). Payment on arrival.

Registration deadline: 2018–06–28


WEEK 2 (July 9–13)

Schedule: Four classes a day.

Welcome party after the last class Monday.

Sayonara party after last class on Friday.

Fee:SEK 650 (€70). Payment on arrival.

Registration deadline: 2018–07–05



Location: Frölunda Judo Club, Klubbvägen 8, Västra Frölunda.

Ken and jo: Bring bokken and jo. Participants traveling by airplane can borrow weapons.

Insurance: All participants must be fully insured.

Selling/advertising: Selling products and advertising is forbidden without permission.

Film/photo policy: It is the right of instructors and participants to choose to not be photographed or filmed.

Therefore photographing and filming is forbidden without permission.

Enrolment: info@takemusuaikido.org

information phone week 1: +46 705 255569, week 2: +46 702 025056

Accommodation: Gothenburg Aikido Club 50 SEK (€6) per night

Frölunda Judoklubb 75 SEK (€8) per night. Bring sleeping bag.

Good Morning Hotel Idrottsvägen 6, Mölndal, +46 (0) 31-679630


Gothenburg Aikido Club started as a small group in the late 1960’s, under the leadership of Carl Hansson (1910–1996). For some time the group didn’t have a permanent place to train, but in 1969, it started training in a Judo club, and became more organized. In the same year, 1969, Iwama Takemusu Aikido, was introduced by Takeji Tomita-sensei and in 1972 Gothenburg Aikido Club opened its own dojo. With almost half a century of experience in Iwama Aikido, Gothenburg Aikido Club is the oldest existing Iwama “style” dojo outside Japan.

Read more at: www.goteborgsaikidoklubb.se and at the Facebook page Ulf Evenas Shihan, 50 Years in Aikido.

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After training Karate, Ulf Evenås started Aikido in 1968 and Iwama Takemusu Aiki in 1969. He became an uchi-deshi for the first time in Iwama, for six months, under Morihiro Saito Shihan in 1973, followed by many more visits to Iwama, and seminars. Ulf stayed as a close and loyal student of Morihiro Saito Shihan for 29 years. Morihiro Saito Shihan awarded Ulf 6 dan, appointed him as Shihan and his personal representative in 1992, and 7 dan in 2001. Ulf also has full teacher certification (mokuroku) in ken and jo, and the authorization to give ranks. Ulf Evenås received the Aikikai Shihan title on January 14, 2007, and the 7 dan on January 12, 2008, by Aikikai Doshu Moriteru Ueshiha, Ulf Evenås received the highest decoration in Swedish Sports – the Swedish Sports Confederations Merit in Gold, in 2015. He received an award from the Russian Union of Martial Arts for “high activity level, and great personal contribution in the development of the martial arts in Russia” (2016), the Swedish Budo & Martial Federations (SB&K) highest medal (2010), and the SB&K award “Traditional Martial Artist of the year” (2014). Ulf also received an award from the Romanian Government “for the development of Aikido” in 2016, and in 2017 an Honorary Diploma from Romanian Aikikai Aikido Foundation. Ulf Evenås serves as the International Aikido Federations (IAF) representing Shihan, instructor and demonstrator in major events such as IAF:s Congress and World Combat Games. Ulf is a co-founder of Gothenburg Aikido Club, where he currently is the head instructor. He is also a member of the Swedish Aikikai Grading Committee. Ulf Evenås has been teaching close to 800 seminars in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Paolo N. Corallini is the President of Takemusu Aikido Association Italy (T.A.A.I.). He started Aikido in April 1969 under the guidance of Motokage Kawamukai-sensei, Hirokazu Kobayashi-sensei and André Nocquet-sensei, who appointed him, in 1981, as President and Technical Director of Unione Italiana Aikido – a division of the Union Européenne d’Aikido in Italy. In the same year Paolo Corallini wrote his first book on Aikido. He followed Nobuyoshi Tamura-sensei in France closely during this period. In 1984, wishing to meet Morihiro Saito-sensei and visit the dojo where the Founder created and defined Aikido, Corallini went to Iwama. This was his first enchanting meeting with Morihiro Saito-sensei. Immediately Paolo Corallini became aware that the training method in Iwama dojo followed the traditional methods of the Founder. Then, from that moment he decided to devotedly follow Morihiro Saito-sensei. Since that time he has been to Japan as uchi-deshi (direct, live-in student) 25 times to train with his-sensei. On February 1985 Corallini invited Morihiro Saito-sensei to Italy for the first seminar. This was the first time Saito-sensei was in Central Europe. From that year, Corallini followed Morihiro Saito-sensei everywhere, and invited him to Italy for seminars each year. In 1985 Corallini-sensei created the Iwama Takemusu Aiki Italy, an association of dan (black belt) ranked Aikidoka that trained under Saito-sensei faithfully. In 1988 he received 5 dan Takemusu Aikido from Saito-sensei, and also the 5 Bukiwaza mokuroku (weapons rank) as well as the authorization to give Taijutsu (body techniques) and Bukiwaza (weapons techniques) dan ranks. He was also appointed by Saito-sensei as his direct representative in Central and Southern Europe. In March 1993 Saito-sensei awarded Paolo Corallini 6 dan and the Shihan title in Iwama. He subsequently received 6 dan Aikikai. Corallini-sensei directs many seminars in Italy and foreign countries such as Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Austria, England, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Rep. of South Africa, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Lebanon each year. Morihiro Saito-sensei gave 7 Dan Iwama Ryu to his representatives Paolo Corallini and Ulf Evenås on May 25, 2001. In the year 2006 Paolo N. Corallini, together with Ulf Evenås founded the Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (T.A.K.). On January 9, 2011 Paolo N. Corallini Shihan receives the 7 dan Aikikai directly by Moriteru Ueshiba, Aikido Doshu.



Dan-sensei started training aikido at Gothenburg Aikido Club and became student of Ulf Evenås Shihan in 1980. He went to Shibu Dojo in Iwama to study as an uchi-deshi directly under Morihiro Saito Shihan in 1991. He has received the fourth mokuroku, second highest instructor degree in the Morihiro Saito bukiwaza system. Dan-sensei started teaching at Gothenburg Aikido Club in 1990 and is currently the assistant head instructor under Ulf Evenås Shihan. He is the chairman of the club and has assisted Ulf Evenås Shihan in seminars in Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Germany, as well as teaching his own seminars in Sweden, Lithuania and Germany.

Günter-sensei is a close student of Ulf Evenås Shihan since nearly 30 years. He regularly follows Ulf in Seminars all around Europe and has held several seminars of his own, for instance in Germany. He is a senior instructor and a board member, at Gothenburg Aikido Club and has been teaching Aikido there for 22 years. He holds 5 dan Aikikai, Shidoin and has recieved the third Mokuroku in Bukiwaza from Morihiro Saito Shihan.

His background is in Kyokushin Karate where he holds the rank of 2 dan. In 1993 he started training at Gothenburg Aikido Club under Ulf Evenås Shihan. He was an uchi-deshi in Shibu Dojo, Iwama in 1999. Today he holds 5 dan Aikikai, Shidoin and is an instructor at Gothenburg Aikido Club, where he also is a board member. For many years he has assisted Ulf Evenås Shihan on seminars in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Hungary and Rumania.

Keith started training Aikido in 1973 at Budo School, Budokan in Copenhagen. In 1975 Keith was one of the founders of Copenhagen Aikido Club, the first and for many years the biggest Aikido Club in Denmark. In 1996 Keith started Skælskør Aikido Klub, (Doshinkan Aikido Dojo). Since 2008 Keith has been the President of Danish Aikido Federation. Keith has been in close contact with Gothenburg Aikido Club since 1973, and he moved to Gothenburg 1977-1978 to train under Shihan Ulf Evenås. In 1983 Ulf recommended that Keith should go to Iwama and become an uchi-deshi under Morihiro Saito Shihan. Since 1983 Keith has been in Iwama as uchi- or soto-deshi 15 times. For 45 years Keith has been training and instructing Takemusu Aikido, with focus on basic training. His teaching is based on the knowledge about and understanding of Aikido he has gained through 45 years with focus on joy and respect for Aikido.

Oleg-sensei started Takemusu Aikido in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1989, after a successful career as professional swimmer in the Soviet National Swimming Team. He became a student of Ulf Evenås Shihan in 1992, and invited Ulf to Russia first time in 1993, followed by about 80 more invitations. He has been an uchi-deshi in Gothenburg under Ulf Evenås Shihan many times and participated in numerous seminars. Oleg has also participated in several seminars with Morihiro Saito Shihan and been an uchi-deshi in Iwama twice. He is currently teaching in his own club in St. Petersburg, and frequently teaches seminars all over Russia, Georgia, and Belorussia. Oleg is the co-founder and President of Takemusu Aikido Russia, and he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the “Russian National Aikido Board” (RNAB).

Rudolf-sensei has practiced Aikido more than 30 years, is a 6 dan Aikikai Shidoin and also holds the second mokuroku in Bukiwaza from Morihiro Saito Shihan. He was a student from Marc and Ute van Meerendonk and follows Ulf Evenås Shihan. In Germany he has been organizing seminars with Ulf Evenås Shihan over decades. In 1995 he founded Takemusu Aikido Dortmund and teaches there tree days a week. He is the president of Takemusu Aikido Association Germany and teaches seminars all over Germany.