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SHOCHU-GEIKO 2017: July 3–8

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Gothenburg Aikido Club has a long tradition of organizing both mid-summer and mid-winter training, shochu-geiko and

kan-geiko. For nearly 20 years aikidoka from all over the world have been coming to these events to practice the traditional
Takemusu Aikido curriculum un

der the supervision of Ulf Evenås Shihan.
Ulf Sensei will teach Takemusu Aikido – taijutsu, ken and jo – as learned directly from Morihiro Saito Shihan as his close student
for 29 years. We will practice bukiwaza (ken and jo) as described in the five Mokuroku (transmission scrolls) and its many
variations. We will practice taijutsu from basic forms (kihon) to ki no nagare and its variations, and explore the relationship
(riai) between ken, jo and taijutsu.
Practicing Takemusu Aikido gives a great foundation and insight into the fundamentals of all Aikido, and this event is the
perfect opportunity to learn the core of its curriculum, regardless of style or rank. You can stay in– or outside the dojo.
You will train together with, and receive support from, highly qualified Aikidoka both from Gothenburg Aikido Club and
all over the world.
We will practice at Frölunda Judo Club with 360 square meters of tatami, a fully equipped kitchen, and outdoor practice
of ken and jo. From the dojo it’s walking distance to one of the best beaches in the Gothenburg area, it’s close to a shopping
center, and the public transportation to the central part of the city is excellent.

Ulf Evenås & Gothenburg Aikido Club

Enrolment Phone: +46 705 255569
Email: info@takemusuaikido.org
Deadline for registration: 2017–06–29.


Full info: Here

Shochu-geiko 2017