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Two intensive SOTO-DESHI weeks in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 25–29 and July 2–6, 2012

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The Gothenburg Aikido Club has a long tradition of organizing two events every year – the New Year Seminar and Uchideshi weeks after Midsummer. The mid-winter training and the mid-summer training are old traditions from O ́Sensei’s time.

For more than 20 years Aikidoka from all over the world have stayed as Uchideshi during these periods at the Gothenburg Aikido Club and trained under my supervision. In recent years the popularity of the sum- mer event has increased, so in 2008 we changed the program so the students could stay outside the dojo. We call this our Soto-deshi program. However, it is mandatory to participate in all classes and activities.

Nevertheless, the number of students is limited to keep the close,”family” feeling. This is an international event, with students from many countries and continents. Hear some voices from last year.

More information about the Soto-deshi weeks 2012 in the PDF.