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With Ulf in Colombia

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When we found out that Shihan Ulf Evenås was giving a seminar in Colombia we could not resist the opportunity to see our friends again so we joined him and went to Colombia, a part of the world we never had visited before but really wanted to know more about.

The seminar was held in Santiago de Cali 23-25 November with participants from Bogota and Cali. The seminar was organized by the Aikido section of Centro de Artes Marciales y diffusion de la cultura Japonesa. The dojo is situated on the top floor in the Centro Cultural Colombo – Japonese, and the windows where open to let the warm breeze through. We all practiced hard and long hours and just had a wonderful time together. Shihan Ulf Evenås is a very experienced and caring teacher helping us all to pay attention to the important details and we were very inspired by the passion and dedication he show his students helping us all to improve.

Our friends took great care of us showing us around Cali, a beautiful city near the equator. After the seminar we went to Cartagena for some relaxing days by the Caribbean Sea before returning home. We enjoyed our stay in Colombia very much and if you haven’t been to Colombia do go there if you have the chance– they will receive you with open arms and lots of salsa music.


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